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Inclusive Analytics

Helping organizations connect the dots.


We are proud to offer courses in macroeconomic, monetary and fiscal policy analysis, econometrics, economic modeling, and forecasting using macroeconometric or dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) models. The courses are hands-on and participants will acquire new practices and tools that they can apply to their jobs the next day. We further offer courses on communication skills for economists and leading organizational change for managers. We customize each course to clients’ specific needs and circumstances (basic, intermediate and advance). We provide a three-month support period during which participants can follow up with our experts on the course content.


We help clients strengthen their existing forecasting and analytical systems as well as help build new. In combination with training, we support our clients with technical assistance in their home environment. Our experience says that it is the best mix for delivering sustainable improvements in the teams’ performance. We offer technical assistance in two areas. We help to improve the customer’s existing infrastructure to get the most out of its performance. We review the existing processes and together with the client we help identify opportunities and formulate a modernization strategy. Second, after identifying our customer’s specific problems and needs we design and build new infrastructure – from the drawing board, through implementation and capacity building to deployment.


InclusiveAnalytics’ DataTracker™ is a tool for policymakers, chief economists, and economic analysts. It is an automatic data monitoring system, tracking economic news releases in various economic sectors, and their impact on clients’ macroeconomic outlook; all in real-time. In the baseline version, the software includes both a user interface and an inbuilt macroeconomic forecasting engine. In the customized version, the software includes a user interface, and an application manager that links up, synchronizes and automates clients’ existing forecasting and analytical infrastructure.

InclusiveAnalytics' DataWarehousePro is a cost-effective solution for data management in small organizations. It offers data administrators and users a friendly interface for flexible management, search, and export of time-series data from any device and location. See data for Armenia, the Gambia, New Zealand, Sierra Leone.

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